Development Utilities for Django


Developing Django applications and web sites should be fun! For some reason I always forget where the correct imports lay or what to name the special packages required for custom template tags.

django-development-utils is a Django application that provides command extensions for generating boilerplate code that you can easily extend.

What is it

django-development-utils provides command extensions for generating Python code to get you easily started on custom template tags or admin modules.

Creates a functional standard module for every model class in a given application.
Creates a functional application in a specified directory.
Creates the packages necessary for management commands and a command module, given an application and command name.
Creates the packages necessary for custom template tags and a template tag library, given an application and library name.

For more information about the above commands please refer to the provided documentation in docs/overview.rst in the source code linked to below.



Installation and usage

django-development-utils-0.1 is a part of the Python Package Index and can be installed using easy_install or pip: easy_install django-development-utils. This automatically installs the latest version.

To install from source please read the file INSTALL.rst in your downloaded tarball.

Further usage instructions are detailed in the accompanied docs/overview.rst.